The Cotswolds exposed the undulating beauty of the English countryside to Lisa in her early years and helped form the foundation

of her work. It is clear that the changing seasons have made a marked impression on Lisa's style, with dramatic skies meeting illuminated golden fields and shadows. 


During her early years Lisa had other important influences. The sharp eye of her father whose natural talent for quick, strong mark making were carefully studied and drawn upon. His background in architecture guided her understanding and his own drawing style influenced her technique.  

During her college days Lisa was fortunate to be tutored by David John Crockett whose great talent and inspiring character left an important impression and effect on her approach and style. Her time at Stratford-upon-Avon College provided a solid education that she has carried with her and continued to draw upon throughout the years. David has an exceptional light touch and unique understanding of light and subtle mark making and Lisa's technique and passion flourished under his expert guidance, influence and encouragement. 

Over the course of Lisa's study days she developed a huge appreciation of the works of J.M.W Turner. His technique and natural use of intense yet subtle colours and tones certainly caught her eye. Turner's use of light is exceptional and a continued theme in her own work.


During Lisa's time at The University of Derby she was awarded the CASPAD Scholarship (Centre for Advanced Studio Practice in Art and Design) and during this time had the opportunity to tour the South West Coast of England resulting in a private showcase of her work along with two other students and the Dean of the university. This period enabled Lisa to draw from the influences of her college and university days, working from photographic, interior and fashion influences as well as the textures and materials found in the landscape and environment immediately surrounding her. During this period Lisa tested new techniques and began sowing the seeds for a new style of colour abstract work with inspiration drawn from the Italian artist and sculptor Alberto Burri. 

Lisa's illustrative style also took on a more distinctive style during this early period. Combining print methods learnt in print press rooms at the University of Derby Art College, with modern graphic techniques of her studies, Lisa also drew from the more traditional print and illustrative techniques acquired through her college days. The study of loose and intense mark making styles of illustrators such as Ralph Steadman, Gerald Scarfe and Ronald Searle without doubt greatly steered her creative style further still.




Drawing inspiration from the
natural landscape and delicate, intricate shapes of Indian palaces
to the hot dusky colours of the African Savannah.

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